Me: one part karaoke ninja. two parts chocolate. 3 parts mama-wife-boss.

You: in serious need of a kick-ass website, or are ready to get out of “template-land” but your business keeps you busy enough doing what you do best.

Websites are my jam. I keep it simple, we play with Pinterest, and I work my tushie off to give you a custom branded website that stands out from the crowd. Still with me?  Click on to see if we are a good match.



 I am not 'adulting' well today. Was so into a work project that I lost track of time last night and didn't hit the pillow until almost midnight. Then my husband kept me up with his tossing and turning (anyone else feel like they share a bed with an unconscious gymnast?) and my girls are early birds. So I logged *maybe* 4 hours of shut eye. So my eldest is plunked in front of some cartoon about slugs in a drain, while her little sister naps and I down my 2nd coffee of the day. #mompreneur #girlboss #theinstagramlab
 My Saturday morning reading, and my go-to for when clients are looking for their own guide for delving into the branding process head first. I keep revisiting several chapters in this book recently, as my goals for myself and my little biz continue to evolve. There is something about being a mom that made me both comfortable and fearless when it comes to change, growth & adjusting where my I want my own brand to land. Maybe it's because my 2 sassy (oh man the level of sass in this house is ☝) girls are always changing and having kids means getting reeeaaalllll comfortable with being ADAPTABLE. Change can be good. #squamishwebdesigner #momboss
 This. I've learned so many little gems from @jennakutcher this week and #theinstagramlab. She completely speaks my language (yoga pants! naps! sharing your honest self!) and the big one: you have to show up and DO the work. For me that meant prioritizing working ON my business just as much as I push ahead with client work. So here we go, some fun things coming soon
 Oof my ovaries...facebook keeps giving me these gems from "on this day". This was 2 years ago. Big sister sizing up the new addition. I am SO glad to be done with newborn-land (I am not a baby person...is that odd?) & mothering big kids is much more fun. Big challenges but big rewards. Just like growing a business. Those first couple years when you start out can be fraught with uncertainty and exhaustion, but once you find your groove and start really feeling confident in your skill set, that is where the magic happens. Plus, endless yoga pants...working for yourself *does* have its perks. Like being in control of carving out some 'me time' throughout the day to keep me energized. Right now I'm on the hunt for a few more books to round out my summer reading list. I'm a sucker for historical fiction (own the entire Outlander series), Dystopian YA (Divergent, Hunger Games, Maze Runner) and memoirs of inspiring women. What's on your nightstand right now? Any recommendations? #squamishwebdesigner #featherlitedesigns #theinstagramlab